Polish Bishops and President Andrzei Duda Declare Christ King of Poland

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Polish Bishops and President Andrzei Duda Declare Christ King of Poland

Enthronment of Christ as King of
Poland at the Chruch of Divine 
Mercy in Krakow, Poland, Nov. 19.
(Rorate caeli.) 
In a ceremony at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow, Poland on Saturday, the Catholic Bishops of Poland in the presence of President Andrzei Duda and many Catholic pilgrims, officially recognized Jesus Christ as the King of Poland and called upon Him to rule over their nation, its people and their political leaders.
"Immortal King of Ages Lord Jesus Christ, our God and Savior," they declared at the ceremony, "bowing our heads before You, King of the Universe, we acknowledge Thy dominion over Poland, those living in our homeland and throughout the world. Wishing to worship the majesty of Thy power and glory, with great faith and love, we cry out: Rule us, Christ!"
As reported by Fr. Paul McDonald in Rorate Caeli and at Radio Maryja, the enthronement or recognition of Christ as King of Poland "was done in the official presence of the president of Poland [Andrzei Duda]" on Nov. 19 and was repeated at many Polish cathedrals and parishes on Sunday, Nov. 20.  
Poland's President Andrzei Duda, other officials, and Catholic pilgrims and clergy
participate in the enthronement of Christ the King of Poland on
Nov. 19, 2016 in Krakow, Poland.  (Rorate caeli.) 
Although Nov. 20 was the feast of Christ the King in the Catholic liturgical calendar, the origin of the ceremony in Poland stemmed from "revelations received, or said to be received, by the Servant of God Rosalia Zelkova," reported Fr. McDonald. "The Lord, she said, demanded that He be enthroned as King by the Polish nation as such and not just in the hearts of the Poles, in a particular manner, and this would save Poland in a [future] war that was coming." 
After Vatican II in the early 1960s, however, this idea "did not find much support among the bishops," said Fr. McDonald. Forty-plus years later, Catholic Poles and clergy are more enthusiastic about the act. 
"The social kingship of our Divine Lord is absolutely founded in necessary and dogmatic truths about Christ," said Fr. McDonald. "It is not merely an element of private revelation. St. Gregory the Great said that there were heretics who denied that Christ is the King of and over everything." 

Parts of the enthronement ceremony read by the clergy and the congregation at the Nov. 19 ceremony included the following:

"In our hearts, Rule us, Christ! In our families, Rule us, Christ! ... In our schools and universities, Rule us, Christ! ... Through the Polish nation, rule us, Christ! ... We pledge to defend Your holy worship and preach Thy royal glory, Christ our King, we promise! We pledge to do Your will and protect the integrity of our consciences, Christ our King, we promise! We pledge to care for the sanctity of our families and the Christian education of children, Christ our King, we promise!
"[T]he King of kings and Lord of Rulers! We entrust the Polish people and Polish leaders to you. Make them exercise their power fairly and in accordance with Your laws. ... Rule us, Christ! Reign in our homeland and reign in every nation -- for the greater glory of the Most Holy Trinity and the salvation of mankind."
Christ the King, ruler of Heaven and Earth.  (Public domain.)

Forwarded by J. Justin (Mama)

King of the Universe”: 6 Truths About Jesus that Confound the World

The full name for the Feast of Christ the Kingis “Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.” What a name!

One thing that is striking about it is how strange it sounds to modern ears. He’s the “King”? And “of the Universe”?

But that shouldn’t surprise us. As Scripture says, “God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” (1 Cor 1.27)

Here are 6 truths illuminated by the fact that Christ is the King of universe that the world just can’t understand:

1) Jesus is the King

There’s only one King, and it’s Jesus. The universe is ultimately not a democracy. There is no parliament or committee. Jesus is the sole absolute ruler. This has some implications:

2) Jesus is the King of everyone, not just Christians

Notice that Jesus is King of the universe, not simply the Church or all Christians. Whether a person worships Jesus or not, or even believes he exists, he is their King. Other religions or worldviews that deny this are not simply different but are wrong.

As Scripture says, Jesus has “the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2.9-11)

3) Jesus surpasses our allegiances to all earthly powers

As the King of the Universe, Jesus is higher than all earthly powers. That includes the most powerful and highest temporal rulers of our lands. Christians are called to humbly honor and obey their rulers – unless they contradict the laws of Christ. That’s why the Church is often one of martyrs.

As St. Thomas More famously said before he was executed for refusing to falsely acknowledge King Henry VIII as the supreme head of the Church in England, “I die the King’s good servant, but God’s first.”

4) Denying Christ’s Kingship is fatal to any worldview

If Jesus is the King of the Universe, above all other powers, then this is one of the most important facts about the world. Any worldview, secular or religious, that denies it will be wrong at its foundation and will inevitably lead to all sorts of further errors.

5) We are not our own

If Jesus is King of the Universe, then not only are temporal rulers subject to him, but so are our individual wills. We do not own ourselves. We cannot just “do what we want.” Instead, we must submit our whole lives to his service and glory.

As Scripture says, “You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” (1 Cor 6.19-20)

6) The fact that Jesus is King is good news!

This might be the hardest thing of all for the world understand.

The fact that Jesus is the King, that temporal powers are subject to him, and that we are all called to submit our hearts and wills to him – all of this is extremely good news! This is because Jesus is love itself. He is thegood. By submitting ourselves to him, we are pursuing the highest good we possibly can.

Forwarded by J. Justin (Mama) 










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