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Remembering happy 90th birthday of our beloved Catherine akka.


Dearest DJ Sr. Helen akka, 


You would have spoken to our beloved Catherine akka on her happy 90th birthday today. Thanks for the precious present of our dear mummy's own handwritten book where all our 10 TPS family members birth and baptism date and name of our godparents are written. 


We wish to share, today Wednesday 2nd March, Rajam and I had the privilege and pleasure and spoke to  our living eldest TPS family member in Colombo( phone 94-11:2433833) and received her blessings. We also spoke to dear Cynthia. 


Today she received Communion at home in Kotahena by Fr. Britto. Tomorrow on 3rd March, there will be Mass at the home for aged home at Hendala, Wattala about 30mts drive from Kotahena, Colombo at nearby church or Chapel. Fr. Britto is the chief celebrant. There are 60 female inmates in the aged home. This place is run by Kerala sisters for last several years. All our relatives and friends are invited to attend. This is organised by children of dear Catherine akka: Kenny, Cynthia, Maureen, Mrs Berna Colin, and Classin. Lunch and meals will be provided for all 60 female inmates and refreshments who come for Mass. We will be represented by dear Maini and family members and dear Sr. Glory thangam coming all the way from Jaffna by bus tonight.


We offered Thanksgiving Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church, Singapore. We  thank others who offered Mass, prayers, messages, phone cals.  


It was nice of dear Felcy to insert photo of earlierBirthday celebration in kattar website. 

We received following messages  by whatsapp:  Sr. Fatima Peru/Colombia; "My very dear periamma, here I come to wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. Together  with your loving children, I thank the Lord for the gift of yours to TPS family. I ASK YOUR SPECIAL BLESSINGS".


Alen Victoria Tuticorin: "Dearest Catherine ammai, We all as One TPS grandchildren, thank our Almighty on this special day. We pray to our Lord for your good health Long live dear ammai. We love you. Alen Victoria.".


Mira Tutcorin: "Dearest Catherine ammai, Amma along with her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren craves your blessings on this special day. We consider it a great blessing to wish you a very Happy Birthday. We continue to pray for your good health, happiness and wellbeing. 

Renee Ben Mira, children, grand children, great grand children. 


Priyanka Bangalore: "Dearest Catherine Chithi/ammai, We crave your precious blessings on your birthday. Our sincere prayers for your good health and well being.

JN and Parimala. Ajay and Priyanka, Laurel, Vega and Lem."


Vega Chennai: "Keel down and request your precious birthday blessings Catherine Ammai...We will continue to pray for your good health... 

Love. JN families.


Nisha from Penang- Malaysia and others. 


Kenny Colombo: "During Mass tomorrow at Hendala Wattala, with dearest mummy, all your and TPS family intentions will be for Mum's Peace, happiness and health. Kenny, Cynthia, Maureen, Berna Colin and Classin. "


In short, every one will agree, our beloved Catherine akka is unique,spiritual, and cheerful person at all times. I will never forget  I stayed with her in Patnam for about 6 months to complete my 4h standard, when our mummy and Trio left for SL. I felt staying with Catherine akka was like "heaven on earth" with so much love, affection and freedom. Kenny and Cynthia were about 3 and 2 years old. She stayed with me at Central hospital, Colombo after my appendicitis surgery about 1958.  SFA athan and akka, took me for a picnic trip to Tewatte, Ragama.  I never experienced she was angry or in bad mood. She always told me even now, she has no problem at all in any respects, and He takes care who created us for a mission in this temporary world. I learnt many good lessons from her. She said, "to be with  grand children and great grand children on her lap or carry, and when they visit home, it is like heaven on earth. She appreciated motto of Kattar website: To strengthen Unity, Happiness and Peace in the family worldwide.  I used to share with akka, my favourite ;Gifts and Fruits of Holy Spirit: Love, Peace, Joy, Self control, Patience, Generosity, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfullness, 


We never forget after Christmas, Annan Maini and family enjoy turkey lunch by Catherine akka's memorabe place on every New Year for past 4 decades or more even uptonow. Cheers.


TPS otm family members.

"Stella Maris", "Perpetual star" and "Glory" and specially TRIO sisters and Sr. Fatima, Fr. Jero, Sr. Jubila.

Praise the Lord. 



Catherine Periamma turns ??






Our dearest Catherine Acca/Maini,

On behalf of TPS OTM and all those who are much younger to you, hereby on our knees asking your kind blessings on your Happy Birthday on 2nd March. You are very much in our hearts always in our daily prayers.

We appreciate your regular handwritten letters with lot of Love and Affection, with your beautiful handwriting which is same for more than 3 decades. You are the first one to call me JJ and RR.

Heavenly SFA Athan comes to our mind very much. By God's grace, you were fortunate to celebrate 55 years Anniversary. If I remember correct, Athan opened the first grocery shop in Patnam called "Pandian Kade". Athan had his dryfish shop at 14, 3rd Cross Street. His younger brother Marceline was in charge. Athan was a very generous person.

You were lucky to be in
Bethlehem for 1993 Christmas Mass with Rajam and Caro is unforgetable.You must be proud, Kenny particpated Greek Olympics and your dear grandson Yohan is working in a reputed Bank in Australia. Now our dear Godson Classin is on his way to Australia
to build his future with his dear family.
Trio including Angelic Sr. Anaclet and Holy Family sisters, appreciate very much for giving breakfast you gave for Holy Family sisters in Dehiwela and Bambalapitiya, after 1st Anniversary Mass at Cathedral on 9th February.

Your special turky roast lunch on every New Year to Annan and family and my stay with you in Patnam for about 9 months when I was 9 years old can never be forgotten in our life. Above all, your personal help to our dear Daddy when he was in
hospital and you were just married.

All your children and grandchildren and all of us love you so much, and thank the merciful Lord, for giving you to us. Your Godson Milo will represent us and personally ask your blessings on his arrival straight from airport on 2nd March. Its all God's plan.

Your sincere Love is precious to all of us.

With our hugs and kisses
JJ and RR in JMJ



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