50th Wedding Anniversary- May 2nd 2016

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After our Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass, during Reception, we wanted to say few words of thanks and end with a thanksgiving prayer but we could not do it as we have to handover the key of the Reception at Sacred Heart Hall, latest 2pm. The Hall was reserved  for us from 9am till 2pm on 2nd May 2016. We heard there was another function in the same day.


Our sincere thanks to first of all to our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for their love, guidance and blessings for us and our family for the past 50 years.


Fr. Christopher Soh S.J.(Parish priest of St. Ignatius Church)  for celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary Mass. We sincerely thank the priests who concelebrated the Mass. Sisters of FMM for their presence.  Belgium Fr. Paul Staes CICM blessed the food. He celebrated his Golden Jubilee of priesthood about 5 years ago.


The gift of our children Carolyn and Srithar, Milhous Lawrence and Anula and our grand children: Michri, Lydia, Mathena and Paul. In the same church, Caro and Milo and our godson Godfrey received Sacrament of Confirmation, ( He was the ring bearer for our Anniversary Mass.)  All our 4 grandchildren were baptised and received First Holy Communion at St. Ignatius.


Our trio sisters: Diamond Jubilarian  Sr. Helen, Sr. Glory, Sr. Fatima, Sr. Jubila, Fr. Jero, and other priests and Rev. sisters who offered Mass for us. Visitors of Kattar website and others for their continued prayers and offering Mass for us. We remembered our dear late Sr. Anaclet.


Mr. K. Aloysius (My late elder brother) for his prayers, love and support. Mrs. Jacintha Aloysius, (Rajam's elder sister and my sister in law) and relatives from Colombo and Singapore for lovingly participating our 50th Anniversary celebration.


Our dear late parents for their prayers and guidance in our Faith and nurturing us in the foundation of love.


We were happy that the theme of our Golden Anniversary was fulfilled;


"LOVE one another as I have loved you." John 13:34

"Everything is possible for the one who has Faith." Mark 9:23

"I am with you always." Mathew 28:20


Our Merciful Lord is the LIGHT. We lighted our traditional lamp ("Kuththu vilakku.) to start the function, followed by  our family  members  who came from Colombo and Perth. Dear Maini, Kenny and Indira, dear Geoff and Nimmi, Milo and Anu, Michri and Mathena and Godfrey, dear Arjun, (godson of Milo) and dear Anjali. By God's grace, 3 of our friends who celebrated their Diamond Jubilee also lighted the lamp.


We thank specially dear Maini and family members who came from Colombo and dear Janice from Perth after she visited her son Ashwin in Malaysia. 


Our good friend Ram Raj was the MC. Our first godson dear Geoff gave a wonderful welcoming speech.   Geoff imitated my favourite "Yam Seng" song Singapore style, when he proposed the toast.  


We also thank the professional cameraman Mr. Anto Moral. Photos were edited by his daughter Jessica. Our good friend Mr. John  helped us to print the Mass booklet in colour for the first time. Nancy organised the slide show. Dear Geraline and Gerald helped us to decorate the Hall.


We sincerely thank our church friends from SIGC, BSC, HCC, CPS, and our DP friends who participated our celebration despite public holiday and travelling programme and offered us any assistance.


With love and God's blessings.

Justin and Rajam.



C-  Christ, Crucifix, Communion, Communication, Contemplate.

R-  Redeemer, Resurrection, Reunion, Repentance, Relationship.

O-  Obedient, Orderly.

S-  Saviour, Sacrifice.

S-  Support, Salvation.


Our conclusion:


In Tamil: Eppoluthum Nallathei pesungal, Nallathei seiyungal, Nallathjei ennunggal.     














Golden Jubilee Anniversary MASS booklet
Chief celebrant: Parish priest of St. Ignatius Church, Singapore.
Fr. Christopher Soh S.J.
Concelebrating priests: Fr. Paul Staes CISM, Chaplain to FMM convent,
Fr. Colin Tan S.J., Fr. Romero, Fr. Johan, Fr. Weerakoon.
First Reading; From Genesius 1:26-28,31.
Second Reading; First letter of St. Paul to the Colossians
1 Cor 13:4-8,13.
A reading from the Holy Gospel according to John 15:9-17
Hymns;  Entrance: This is the day.
Offertory: All that I am.
Communion Hymn: Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning
Tribute to Mary, our Blessed Mother;
On this day, O beautiful Mother.
Recessional Hymn;


Justin :        Rajam, wear this ring as a sign of our faithful love. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Rajam :      Justin, wear this ring as a sign of our faithful love.  In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Prayers of the Faithful

Celebrant :  In the tender plan of his providence, God our almighty Father has given married love, its faithfulness, and its fruitfulness, a special significance in the history of salvation.  Let us therefore call upon him, saying :- Lord, graciously hear us.  


Lector :       For Justin and Rajam, that their lives together will be filled with joy and love.  That they may always be loyal and true friends to each other. That together  they will be able to cope with the challenges of life. May their home be one of happiness and love, and bless them on their journey through life. Lord hear us. 


All :             Lord, graciously hear us.


Lector :        For the families, and friends of Justin and Rajam, and all who helped them to become husband and wife. May they continue to support, and love them in the years that lie ahead. Lord hear us.


All :              Lord, graciously hear us.


Lector :        For friends and family, who could not be here with us today. May we always know that while our loved ones are not always by our side, they are always in our hearts and minds and us in theirs. Lord hear us.


All :             Lord, graciously hear us.

Lector :        We pray for the private intentions of all who are gathered here.

                             May the Lord in His patience and understanding bring joy and comfort. Lord hear us.


All :             Lord, graciously hear us.




Lector :         For our community and our families, who welcome Christ into their lives; that they learn to receive him in the poor and suffering people of this world. Lord hear us.


All :               Lord, graciously hear us.


Lector :         For married couples everywhere that their lives will be an example to the world of unity, fidelity and love. Lord hear us.


All :               Lord, graciously hear us.


Celebrant :   O God, the life of the family is founded on the plan of your own providence.  In your mercy receive the prayer of your servants.  Grant that by imitating the Holy Family they may reach the joys of your home and together praise you forever. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


All :               Amen.                   



Liturgy of the Eucharist




Verse 1

All that I am, all that I do,

All  that I'll ever have, I offer now to you.

Verse 2

All that I dream, all that I pray,

All that I 'll ever make, I give to you today.


Take and sanctify these gifts for your honor, Lord.

Knowing that I love and serve you is enough reward.

Verse 3

All that I am, all that I do,

All that I'll ever have, I offer now to you.   



Prayer over the Offerings


Celebrant :   Be pleased, O God, to receive these offerings, presented in Thanksgiving for your servants Justin & Rajam, who have lived as one in true fidelity these many years and who ask of your bounty all the blessings of unity and peace. 

                      Through Christ our Lord.     

All :               Amen.




 Celebrant :  The Lord be with you.

 All :              And with your spirit.

 Celebrant : Lift up our hearts.

 All :              We lift them up to the Lord.

 Celebrant : Let us give thanks and praise.

 All :              It is right and just.


 Celebrant : Father, all powerful and ever-living God, we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks. You created man in love to share your divine life. We see his high destiny in the love of husband and wife, which bears the imprint of your own divine love. Love is man's origin, love is his constant calling, love is his fulfillment in heaven.  The love of man and woman is made holy in the sacrament of marriage, and becomes the mirror of your everlasting love. Through Christ the choirs of angels and all the saints praise and worship your glory. May our voices blend with theirs as we join in their unending hymn:


 All :              Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of Hosts, Heaven and earth are full of your glory.  Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest.






The Lord's Prayer


Celebrant :      As the Saviour's  command and formed by

                        divine  teaching,  we dare to say:

                        Our Father, who art in heaven,

                        hallowed be thy name;

                        thy kingdom come,

                        thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

                        Give us this day our daily bread,

                        and forgive us our trespasses,

                        as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation,

                        but deliver us from evil.  Amen


Nuptial Blessing                                                         

                        Justin and Rajam  please kneel.


 Celebrant :     Holy Father, maker of the whole world, who created man and woman in your own image and willed that their union be crowned with your blessing. We humbly beseech you for these your servants Justin and Rajam, who today celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.


                        Lord God and Creator, we bless and praise your name. In the beginning you made man and woman, so that they might enter a communion of life and love. You likewise blessed the union of Justin and Rajam, so that they might reflect the union of Christ with his Church; look with kindness on them today.


                        Amid the joys and struggles of their life you have preserved the union between them; renew their marriage covenant, increase your love in them, and strengthen their bond of peace, so that surrounded by their children and grandchildren they may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing.

                        May they come to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through Christ our Lord.


All :                 Amen


Praise be to God
Best Wishes & prayerful blessings from all family members around the world


What a wonderful day it is when God called you both to share in his power of  creation through your life of love.
Fifty years have gone by and you have contributed your share of children to God’s heavenly family.
Besides your children and grand children, you have also extended your family circle with friends like me and many others whom you invited to share God’s love through you.
These Fifty years have been so spiritual for all of us including me with your spiritual thoughts shared through modern means of communication.
Let me wish you both Justin and Rajam and your children and grand-children, A VERY HAPPY JUBILEE FULL OF GOD’S BLESSINGS.
In Christ the Lord of Love,
Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Marcus Fernando.
2nd May 2016.


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