50th Wedding Anniversary of Ladislaus Rodrigo and Lalitha A. Kattar

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 Memorable and historical GOLDEN JUBILEE 50th Wedding Anniversary of

  Ladislaus Rodrigo and Lalitha A. Kattar

on 15 July 2017 at St. Thomas Church,


By God's grace. GJ 2 days (July 14 and  15 ) celebration was the grandest  we witnessed in our life time. This was the first time we experienced, their God's gift 4 children 100pct organised everything themselves with blessings from their golden parents. And their   8 diamond grandchildren actively took part in the events specially in singing and dancing programme on Friday 14th July and 15th Thanksgiving Mass followed by lunch Reception at "Carmel Mahal" and dinner at "Stella Maris".

Friday 14th July at TR Gardens, VPP only for close family members:

We couldn't believe our eyes the way their 4 children and 8 grand children performed  on 14th July. Its a mystery, how they were able to practice singing and dancing while 2 families were in different parts of USA, one family in  Canada and one family  in Oman. When I asked dear Mirjana, how they did it, she said, it was simple by use of  Skype, and internet even every dance movements including dear Abrie and the youngest grand Jerril. I am sure, it would have taken about a year preparation. Both Abrie and dear Jerril played the musical instrument "Egg shakers". MCs were dear Amity and Praveen. Trisha was on keyboard. Flute by Richael. Ukulele by Amity. There was video slide show of old memories and matching Tamil and English songs. They made their own drama acted by all 12. There was video show of video telecon msg from USA and Canada by: Dr. Roland and Teresita, Noble and family, Marleene, Deric and Shanthi, Adolf and family, Antoinette and dear Felcy who played his guitar. I think he composed a song for this unique happy occasion.  I attach herewith text of a touching speech by dear Praveen.  Someone told me today's event is "Kan Kolla Kaatchi" and we also felt the same. Everyone enjoyed the buffet dinner.

Saturday 15th July Golden Jubilee  50th Wedding Anniversary Thanksgiving MASS at 10am at St. Thomas Church:

Fr. Jerosin Kattar  (our nephew) was the Chief Celebrant. (He came from Italy). Concelebrated by 10 priests including our PP Fr. Andrew, Fr. Xavier Joseph (former PP) Fr. Roosevelt SJ, Fr. Pratheesh, Fr. Marian total 10 priests. Fr. Xavier Joseph spoke few words from his heart. I attach herewith the programme I received from dear Yamini when she was passing through Singapore on 22nd July.

Lunch at "Carmel Mahal" Kalyana Mandapam at 12pm:

The hall was packed. At the entrance I had the privilege and pleasure to honour the couple with "Pon Aadai" on behalf of TPS family members including 2 Rev. sisters Sr. Helen (from Pavunchur)and Sr. Glory (Puthukudiiruppu, SL).    Some others also presented L&L  "Pon Aadai" during  Reception. Music was par excellent.  Dear Geoff proposed the toast with his usual few words. Nevil Kattar and Grimolyn presented a special hat  made out of flowers for the couple. First time I saw such hat.  We met many of our relatives and friends including my classmates: Doyle Fernando, Morris Fernando and Wilfred Morais.

We were indeed happy to meet dear Rolinda from Germany, dear Mira and Jayantha from Australia. Also I met dear Rajan from Australia, dear Anita and Caesar from Malaysia, dear Nisha and  her 2 children from Penang and others.

Saturday 15th dinner at "Stella Maris" only for close TPS family members; Nieces and nephews and their families from Tuticorin, Patnam, Chennai.

Together with Sr. Glory and I sang a short song (we composed and used the tune our heavenly mummy used to sing at Valithundal SL!.) Title: "Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia... give thanks to the Lord for he is good... Alleluia 3 times. Dear Geoff entertained everyone with his events making L&L's 4 children and 8 grands perform their same songs and dance at TR Gardens, they did it so well, it touched everyone. Dinner was home cooked. All enjoyed. Fr. Jero blessed the food by his inspiring prayers. I took the opportunity and presented "Pon Aadai" to: Sr. Helen (who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in SL in December 2014. One for Sr. Glory (who celebrated her Golden Jubilee of Religious Order Holy Family HFB order in December 2015) and her Jubilee Birthday (75) this year.  "Pon Aadai" to our  eldest niece Renee, and maini Jacinta remembering their Diamond Jubilee in October this year, "Pon Aadai" for dear godson "Viji and Sheela.  "Pon Aadai" to  dear Nalini and Roy who  celebrated their Silver Jubilee 25th Wedding Anniversary in Canada on 20th May.(Ladis and Lali were there in Canada for the special happy occasion after they celebrated their actual GJ 50th Wedding Anniversary Mass on 15th May at St. Anthony's Church, Tuticorin where they got married. L&L  had breakfast at Renee's place with family members. Same day evening they left for Canada, and stayed one week each with their 4 children in USA and Canada!.)

On Sunday16th, when we were leaving to Tuti airport,  Lali and Ladis came to "Stella Maris"and  received blessings from dear Maini and us Trio sisters. I told L&L from my heart; "You are Unique, Extra Ordinary and Exemplary" couple and family. By God's grace,  for their total dedication to Church choir, works connected to Church and community service  without expecting anything from anyone, therefore they are blessed with Gifts and Fruits of HOLY SPIRIT; LOVE, PEACE, JOY, PATIENCE , SELFCONTROL, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS.  Gal.5:22

Trio sisters Sr. Helen and Sr. Glory presented to the Golden Jubilarians L&L, and close family members and us, a "Sleeping Saint Joseph" statue. We saw it for first time. JOSEPH was a Righteous Person. Mathew 1:19. Statue was well packed with a picture of Pope Francis; "Holy Father POPE FRANCIS. Speaks of the sleeping St. Joseph. On  my desk I have a statue of St. Joseph sleeping. While sleeping he looks after the Church. Yes, he can do it if we know that. When I have a problem or a difficulty, I write on a piece of paper and I put it under his statue so he can dream about it. This means please pray to St. Joseph for this problem.". Sr. Helen bought the statues from  Holy Spirit Church, Palavanthangal, where we attended Mass with Trio .  

Praise the Lord.

"Stella Maris", "Perpetual star" "Trio" and "Glory"







Church Program


Introduction Prayer


Nalini Rodrigo

Reading 1 - 


Aldrin Peeriz

Reading 2 - Janu


janu Rodrigo

Kuthuvilakku Lighting


Telma, Rahini, Sumathi, Sheela, LR, LAK



Sr. Helen, Sr. Glory, Rita Rodrigo, Jacintha Aloysius, Renee Rayen, Rajam Justin, Aruna Edison, Beldina Rodrigo, Mira Rayen LR, LAK

Prayer of the faithful


Justin Kattar, Gregory Kagoo, Caesar Fernando, Srither Rodrigo, Kumar Rayen, Dextor Fernando

Vote of Thanks


Renu Kattar


Family Choir

Trained by Rev. Fr. Denis Vaiz

Piano - Trisha Peeriz, Flute - Richael Rayen 







Accompany Couple to stage 

Grand Children

Prayer song

Grand children

Cake blessing

Rev. Fr. Andrew Derose

Cake Cutting

Nevil & Grimolyn 

Wine Toast

Geoffrey Aloysius

felicitation 1

Rolinda Rodrigo

felicitation 2

Mira Rayen

Felicitatiion 3




Golden Wedding Anniversary, our parents

Mr. Ladislaus Rodrigo and Mrs. Lailitha Kattar


Everyday was a happy day when we grew up and we have nothing but amazing moments and experiences to treasure and cherish. We did not grow up in luxuries but we were blessed with a home filled with Faith, Love, Care and Joy. And, all these incredible moments were made possible by our dear parents Mr. Laidslaus Rodrigo and Mrs. Lalitha Kattar.


Although we grew up in a small village, we were given the best in terms of faith, family, food, health, education, music and countless other necessities of life. We never understood the sacrifices that were made by our dear parents, behind the scenes to make this happen for us. Now, it is stunning to think of sacrifices made by our parents, especially with such little resources at that time, as we juggle our problems today and still struggle even with so much resources. Incredible to even think of how our parents made it happen for us.


The greatest inheritance from our parents are the faith, values and the unity that has brought our family closer than ever before. In a nutshell, this has been the foundation for our family and we have been so fortunate to pass it on to our future generations.


They have been parents to not just us but also many of our cousins, their students, strangers etc. The best part of this kindness that was extended was that they have absolutely no expectations from anyone.


No wonder they are happy and healthy. The bar for a blissful life has been raised so high by our parents that it is a mammoth challenge for us to achieve it.


We were born, raised, educated, married, children/grand-children........50 Golden years.......feels blissful, grateful and feels like we don't deserve any more blessings.


We are indebted to our parents and no matter how much we try to pay back our parents, we don't think we will be able to pay back in this lifetime. But, this we promise to our parents. We promise that we the siblings will be united, no matter what, for the rest of our lives and that's the best possible gift to our parents.

With love and prayers



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