Mr. & Mrs. Dasan Rodrigo's 78th Anniversary remembrance

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Mr. & Mrs. Dasan Rodrigo


                                               15th November 2016  (  Saint Albert the Great )         

                             " Those who prove victorious I will allow to share my throne" (Rev 3:21 )

                     Dear Dad and Mum remembering your 79th Wedding Anniversary with the Lord.

                          In loving memory of our father and mother.
                          Every day and in every way memories of you both come our way
                          Though absent. you are always near, still missed, loved and always remembered
                           We thank God for providing us many treasured memories with you
                            Deeply missed and forever cherished by family ,relatives and all loved ones




In loving memory of our dear Parents on their 77th wedding Anniversary.




15th November 2014

Memorial of St. Albert the Great

Bishop and Doctor of the Church


"It was not you who chose me, says the Lord, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last" ( John 15:16 ).


Dear dad and mum,


We  cannot thank God enough for His choice of you both as parents for us.

We thank you for all the fond memories we will forever cherish, the times we shared together.The way you cared for each of us. We know you will always be with us though we don't see you.

The rose does not last forever it withers with the fading of the spring but your memory will linger forever in the hearts of all who love you because love lasts forever.


To live in the hearts

of those we love is never to die

To what it meant to lose you

only I will ever know.


"Only where God is seen does life truly begin. Only when we meet the living God in Christ do we know what life is.We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution.

Each of us is the result of a thought of God.

Each of us is willed,

each of us is loved,

each of us is necessary".( Benedict PP XVI )


Intercede for us, watch over us and bless us from above dear dad and mum.

Fondly remembered by all your children and family members, loved ones and friends.



15th November 2013

                                          "The heavens proclaim the glory of God" 
                                                   ( Today's response of Psalm 18)

Dear Dad and Mum,

                            With fond memories  of you as such as these that come to mind, loving and kind in all your ways, being upright and just to the end of your days, being sincere and true, in heart and mind, the faith in God that you have strongly planted in us are the beautiful memories you have left behind for us.  

As time passes our grief lightens but memories linger on which still casts a gentle glow, it braces our days and lights our paths wherever we may go.. we still miss you both...to sit with you and talk for a while would be my greatest wish today, tomorrow, our whole life through we shall always love and remember you. Thank you dad and mum for all the fond memories which we will cherish forever and all the times we shared with you and all that you sacrificed for us.  

To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die. We are assured of your love even though we're apart because there's so much we've shared and it is written in our hearts. You are always in the thoughts of your loved ones.

Bless us dear dad and mum from above,

Asking your heavenly blessings on your 76th Anniversary day,

Dearly missed and lovingly remembered by your loving children and family members.



 15th November 2012


 Saint Albert the Great Memorial

"God's people shall be filled with his blessings: let us give thanks and praise!"

Dearest Dad and Mom,

What a privilege for both of you to be together on your 75th Wedding Anniversary and to celebrate in the presence of the Lord.

Dear dad and mom we miss you here in so many ways, we miss things you used to say, when we recall the old times it's then when we miss you most of all.

We speak your name with love and pride and smile with tears that we cannot hide. We thank you dear dad and mom for the years we shared and the way you cared.

In our hearts you will always live, your love, your voice , your kindness and your smile are forever imprinted in our minds.

The memory of you dear dad and mom casts a gentle glow and it braces our days and lights our paths where ever we go.

If you were here to celebrate with us your 75th year just for an hour to receive your blessings in person that would be enough, Our Lord Jesus knew what was the best and He took both of you home to be joyful forever. Watch over us dear dad and mom.

My heart still aches with sadness dear dad and mom and silent tears flow for what it means to love and miss you.

Craving your blessings and prayers from above,

Dearly missed and remembered by you children, grandchildren and great grand children and family members.

                                                                                                   15th November 2010.        

                                                                      (St Albert the Great, bishop and doctor)

          'Come, you blessed of my Father, to the home prepared for you'
                                                                                                 ( Matthew 25:34)


Our dear dad and mom,

                                         Time changes many things but not the emotions every Anniversary day brings. Within the store of our memories you hold a special place, for no one who has been loved is never lost. Your memories live on forever in our hearts. Your presence is ever near us. Your love remains with us. You were the kind father and mother your loved ones will never forget.  We thank the Lord and both of you for the years we shared, thank you for the love you gave and way you cared.  You are gone but you are living in our hearts. Remembering you both in the Mass we celebrate on this day.

                                               Forever cherished and remembered by   children and family members.




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