We remember Mrs. Dasan Rodrigo on her birthday

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100th b'day remembrance( Mrs. Mary Dasan Rodrigo)


22nd July 2016




Feast t Saint Mary Magdalene Memorial


For my soul is thirsting,OLord,my God. ( today's response to Psalm 62)


Remembering you,dear mother of mine on your 100th Birthday.


I feel a warmth surround me,like your presence so near,

I close my eyes to visualize your face when you were here,

The times we spent together they are locked in my heart.

For as long as I have those memories

we will never be apart,

Even though we cannot speak anymore

your voice is always there

Every night before I go to sleep

I have you in my prayer

Thankyou dear mummy for all you have done for our well being


Fondly remembered by your loving children and loved ones.



Today God's mercy and grace is coming in search of us. If we hear Him speak our name,our whole life will be transformed. When we are transformed we have to journey towards saintliness. Saintliness is a lifetime journey.





22nd July2015

Saint Mary Magdalene




( In remembrance of our dear Mummy's 99th Birthday)



" For my soul is thirsting,O Lord, my God".( Response for today's Psalm 62)



Dear loving Mummy,

"Even when we close our eyes,

There's an image of your face.

And once again we come to realise,

You're a los we can't replace.


We give thanks  to the Lord,

Almighty,because he is good

and his love is eternal.

Thank you God for giving us

the gift of a mother's love.


Watch over us dear mummy,


You are deeply missed and fondly remembered,


Your loving children and their families, family members and loved ones.



                                                                                          22nd July 2014
Saint Mary Magdalene, Memorial.

"When I found Him whom my heart loves, I held Him fast, nor would I let Him go" (Song 3:4 ) 

In loving memory of our dear mummy on her birthday

 Dear Mummy, you live on in fond memories, pleasant recalls and happy recollection.Mom, you made our lives one long, sweet song.We're assured of your love even though we're apart'Cause  so much we've shared is written in our hearts.

 Deeply missed and always cherished byyour loving children, families and loved ones.



22nd July 2013

Memorial: St Mary Magdalene

" Whoever does the will of my Father is my brother, sister and mother" Mathew13:8

Dear Mummy,

Those who love you dearly are the ones who can't forget. Your life was love and labour and  your love for your family  true, you did your best for all of us, especially in our faith. We need your intercession to help us continue to grow in our faith and in our extended families, so that we can be good blessing to others as  St.Mary Magdalene. We will always remember you dear mummy and we will dearly miss  you always and very specially today on your  97th birthday.

Fondly remembered by children and family members.


                                                                                                22nd July 2011
                                                                                          Feast of Mary Magdalene

                                                   "You are in God's Kingdom The glory of His universe "

Dear mummy,

Today being the feast of your name Mary Magdalene, we remember you more of all you have been to all your eight children. Sweet memories cling to your name mother and you are fondly remembered in our home.

Thank you mummy for the years you have shared and thankyou for the way you cared.

May you always  remain  in our Lord's and Mary's loving care.

Always remembered by all your children,grandchildren and loved ones.


(  Memorial of St Mary Soledad Founder of the Sisters Servants  of Mary of the sick. )               

"May Yahweh let His face shine on you, and be gracious to you" (Num 6:25)

Dear Mummy,
                              Our Lord Jesus knew what was best. He took you home for eternal rest. We wiped our tears and tried not to be sad and remember the precious times we had.

                                                                    Lovingly remembered by
                                                               Children and all family members.

Forwarded by : Mrs. Rajam Justin


                                                                                         22nd July'10
                                                                  Memorial :Mary Magdalene


                   "For you my soul is thirsting,O Lord, my God." Psalm 62

Dear Mummy,

 Words cannot express how much we remember you this day.What a lovely Feast day you were born.Like Mary Magdalene whose same name you carry,you must be smiling so happily from above recognising the Lord you so much loved just like Mary Magdalene when Jesus appeared to her first at the Resurrection.

                                  Ever your grateful and loving children and families.

                                                              22nd July 2009

                             Memorial St. Mary Magdalene


         " I have seen the Lord". John 20:18

A prayer to Mary

Stillness of God, settle our souls.
Breath of God, move through us.
Light of God, illumine our nights and dawn in our hearts.
Shadow of God, fall over us as once you bent over the face of Mary and sow the seeds of holiness, of justice and of mercy within us.
Whisper of love and truth in our waiting hearts.
As we have gazed on these faces and forms of light, make us icons of reflection for all the world to see.
Mary, you learned the wisdom of mercy and lived in it's mystery, share the knowledge with us.
May we hear again your words to all of us "Do whatever He tells you" (Jn 2:5).
Give us courage to walk through the world, intent on giving birth to your Word, your hope, and your love, steadfast until we find ourselves gathered into you,
O Trinity at home with this woman who believed, exalting together in the fullness of the freedom of the children.

SACCRE   (Mary mount Charismatic Prayer Group )

When we read this prayer to our Blessed Mother we remember you dear mummy for it was you who taught us to pray to Jesus and to Mother Mary. We THANK YOU  dear mummy for your love, care and patience and teaching  us how to be fearless as God is with us.   


Your loving children.


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