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Mr. Dasan Rodrigo




                                                                                        7th June 2017

                                                                               Saint Coleman (in Ireland)



                        " To  you,O Lord,I lift up my soul". (Today's response) Psalm 24:1


Thinking of you dear daddy so much even though 28 years has passed without you.


My dearly beloved Dad,

Your presence is ever near us and your love will always remain with us,the kind father that we will never forget. Your smile and your laughter is pleasant to recall and you had a kind word for whoever came to meet you. In your life and  your last hours your faith was always strong, you wished unity, and the peace of Jesus filled your heart and in His arms you sank to rest. Thank you dad for way you shared your love and joy of the Lord. We will always cherish the happy times together and the special memories you brought into our lives. Thank you for all that you did to make our life comfortable and the sacrifices you made.

Your life was a blessing,Your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words

And  missed beyond measure and we love you Forever. Pray for us dad and watch over us and help us to be like you.

"Happy Father's Day" 19th June to you dear Daddy with Our Heavenly Father"

Dearly loved and deeply missed by us all,

Your loving children and their families, all your loved ones and friends, 




                                                                                                                                 7th June 2015

                           The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

                     " I would feed my people with finest wheat and fill them with honey from the rock". ( Psalm 80:16)

                                            Thinking of you dear daddy on your 28th year with the Lord.

                        Dear Daddy,

                    Treasured memories hold you near and silent thoughts bring tears.
                    Tears in our eyes we can wipe away but the love in our hearts will always stay.
                    Your smiling way and pleasant face are a pleasure to recall,
                    You had a kind word for each and died beloved by all.
                    Some day we hope to meet you.
                    Some day we know not when to clasp your  hand  in the better land,
                    never to part again.
                             Continue to bless us dad from above and watch over us,

                         Deeply missed and lovingly remembered and forever cherished.
                                            Your loving  children and families and loved ones and friends. 



7th June 2014

The upright shall see your face O Lord. Psalm 10

(today's response)

In loving memory our beloved Dad on his 25th year with the Lord 

It is so fitting dear dad that your 25th year remembrance falls on  the vigil of  Pentecost when the infinite love of God is poured in to our hearts through the Spirit of God dwelling within us.

We hold you close within our hearts and there you shall remain.
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again, so rest in peace dearest dad.
We are grateful for all you have done.
We pray that God has given you
The crown you have truly won.

We thank and praise God for loving you so much that in humble imitation of Christ's love you dedicated your life for our sake, patiently caring for us and loving us with exceptional sacrifice and devotion.Your presence is ever near us and your love remains with us. You were the kind father your loved ones will never forget.

Deeply missed and fondly remembered and cherished by your loving children, all family members and loved ones.

Watch over us and pray for us dad,



 7th June 2013

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus- Solemnity
God's love is shown in Jesus.

Thinking of you dear daddy on your 24th Anniversary with the Lord. 

"I love the house where you live O Lord the place where your glory shines" (Psalm26)

 Dear Dad,

The night does not last forever, it fades with the dawning  of the morn. The rose does not last forever it withers with the fading  of the spring, but your memory will linger forever in the hearts of all who love you, because your loves does last forever. Your presence is ever near us. Your love remains with us yet. You were the kind father your loved ones will never forget. 
Sadly missed  but always remembered byyour loving children and all family members



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