Birthday Rememberance of our beloved Daddy (TPS.A.KATTAR)

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16th March 2018

"Well done good and faithful servant.Come,
share your master's joy."(Mt 25:21)

Birthday Rememberance of our beloved Daddy (TPS.A.KATTAR)

Lord,this just man was given by you as a dear father to us all and in charge of our household.

Thank you dear daddy for watching over us and interceding for all our needs.

Dear Daddy, you will never leave our thoughts or the place you have in our hearts.

Fondly remembered and cherished by your loving children and all family members. "Glory"





17th February 2017

(Feast of The Seven Holy Founders of Servite Order)
72nd Anniversary of our heavenly dad TPS A. Kattar.
Happy the people the Lord has chosen as his own. (Psalm 32:12 )
Going through the memories of our dear Dad, we the ten children of our loving parents
remember our dearly beloved dad's charitable nature, kindness and piety and good values he set as an unforgettable example to follow for the rest of our lives, for this we are ever so grateful that the Lord blessed us with his choice of parents for our lives. 
Our dear Dad showed us by his actions where we should invest our trust and our hope in our lives, by that we all understood to choose to always pray and to be obedient and live in the true source of life of the Holy Family.
The following verse of a Psalm comes to mind when we think of our dear Dad;
  "Then do not fear when a man grows rich, when the glory of his house increases,
    He takes nothing with him when he dies, his glory does not follow him below"
We thank you dear Dad for all you have been to us your loving children and fortunate are we to be your own. Continue to help us to stand by your firm principles while demonstrating love for all.
May God give us all a heart to worship him and to do his will with a generous mind and a willing spirit, Amen, (2 Maccabees 1: 3)
Deeply missed and lovingly remembered by all family members.
"Stella Maris"




            17th February 2016

The Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order



Let us pray  to God in time of need: he will hear and heed us.

So let every good man pray to you in time of need. Amen.



Thinking of you dear daddy, grand father, great grand father....,


Your life was a blessing to us

Now your memory a treasure

You are loved beyond words

And  missed beyond measure


What would we give to hear your voice and see you smile

Bless us and watch over us from Heaven above.


Forever in our hearts and fondly remembered,

your loving children and all family members.


"Stella Maris", "Perpetual Star", "Carmel Cottage", "Glory"



"All who take refuge in you shall be glad, O Lord, and ever cry out their joy, and you shall dwell among them".

Psalm 5:12






17th February 2015

( The Seven Holy  Founders of the Servite Order.)


In Him there is wisdom, and power  too, and decision no less than discretion. (Job12:13)



Remembering our Dad (TPS A Kattar) on his 70th  Anniversary day with the Lord




Our dear daddy,



Your gentle face and patient smile

With sadness we recall

You had a kindly word for each

And died beloved by all.


You had a heart of gold one of the best to behold

You were generous and kind.

These are the memories you left behind.




As long as life  and memory last we will  remember you dear dad,

and as time goes by we miss you more of your loving smile, your gentle face

and your caring words and ways, no one can fill your empty place.

Your intercessions and blessings from above has helped us well

to bear all things patiently and keeping us strong in the Lord.


Dear Lord, take our dad in Thy arms and ever let him be a messenger of love between our hearts and Thee.


Forever loved and remembered by children and loved ones.

TPS  OTM  Family members

"Stella Maris", " Perpetual Star", "Glory"


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